If you’re an artist and a human, read this!

I know…every 2 weeks I’m telling you to donate to a different cause, but here’s one that is really truly awesome. And so many of you are FILMMAKERS (which I made bold because if you’re a filmmaker you A) follow so many tumblrs I need to grab your attention and B) you saw the word “donate” and skipped right past this because you are broke) that this seemed like a good place to post.

From the kickstarter…

"Zeno Documentary" (working title) is a feature length documentary about a camp for people with and without disabilities that gathers in Los Angeles once a year to make an original narrative film. This year the Zeno gang made a Western film. This documentary is about the making of that Western. 

In “Zeno Documentary” we explore the close friendships that are made between people living with and without disabilities. People of all ages and abilities, including people with Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Autism, Cognitive Delay, Williams Syndrome and Spina Bifida, come together to take part in the filmmaking process at the Zeno Mountain Farm Film Camp. At the camp, they get the chance to do amazing activities that would otherwise be impossible to do without assistance. They get the opportunity to experience and discover the creative and adventurous sides of their lives.