7/7/2012: Gibbons. GIBbons. GIBBONS!

The CORPS was up at the crack of dawn Saturday morning with one goal: clear the brush at Gibbons Conservancy in Santa Clarita. After a behind-the-scenes tour of the grounds where we simultaneously tried to catch a the eyes of babies and avoid the stares of those projectile peeing.

CORPS Members Lauren Bair, Alison Becker, Lilan Bowden, Sarah Burns, Kevin Dalton, Meghan Falcone, Sara Huffman, Grant Jornacion, Samantha Morris, Lauren Palmigiano, June Diane Raphael, Nick Rasmussen, Nate Shelkey, Steve Szlaga, Lauren Tyree, Kulap Vilaysack, Robyn Von Swank, and Amy Vorpahl worked to the beat of the delightful territory/banana claimin’ screeches of the Gibbons, sweating their butts off and blistering their green thumbs as they cleared over ONE MILLION (yup) square miles of dry brush that, in the horrible case of a wildfire, could set the habitat ablaze.

By lunch time, our goal of DESTROYING THAT BRUSH was met. Falling in love with the apes, well, that was just a bonus.

The Gibbon Conservation Center was founded in 1976, with the purpose to prevent the extinction of gibbons and to advance the study, propagation, and conservation of the species.

Volunteers are essential to the day-to-day operation of the center. For more information on how you can assist with feeding, data collection, and maintenance, e-mail volunteer@gibboncenter.org.

To see more photos of our great ape adventure, check out our and Robyn Von Swank’s Flickr pages!

This was fun!